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No, seriously, what DO admission counselors do over the summer?

jeudi, février 13th, 2020

No, seriously, what DO admission counselors do over the summer?

We’ve talked a great deal about how precisely summer time is the season that is slowest in admission and just how important it really is for us to relax. Contrary from what may be popular belief ( do you even think we do find ways to keep ourselves busy throughout the summer months about us over the summer. From fabricated things like Chicken-Nugget-Offs and water container jousting to more crucial tasks like hosting high school counselors and developing a fresh method to track the more than 700 college fair invites, rarely are we just sitting around nothing that is doing.

This past week, I happened to be in Reno at planning meetings for next 12 months’s professional meeting. Whenever i obtained back again to any office we had been hosting highschool counselors on a trip of Ca colleges and conducting interviews for brand new admission counselors to become listed on our group. Some schmoozing later, I tackled the task of trying to locate a way that is good gather college reasonable invitations, get them to the territory managers and then monitor every one of the responses. This might appear effortless but I can not count just how many conversations i have had trying to troubleshoot a solution that is efficient. We really had a nightmare about the succeed spreadsheet we’ve been using. (Being an adult is extremely exciting).

Our office continues on summer time excursions to explore Los Angeles and make the (suite…)