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Whenever Gay Guys (Mis)Marry Directly Ladies: Bonnie Kaye’s Tale

samedi, juillet 25th, 2020

Whenever Gay Guys (Mis)Marry Directly Ladies: Bonnie <a href="">livejasmin model login</a> Kaye’s Tale

Each time a right girl marries a gay guy, so what does she experience?

Published Feb 11, 2019

Recently I talked with Bonnie Kaye, writer of Straight Wives, Shattered Lives: Stories of Women with Gay Husbands, among other publications, and host of Bonnie Kaye’s Straight Wives Talk Show on BlogTalkRadio. Bonnie has spent a lot of her adult life first living with and wanting to love a homosexual spouse after which assisting other feamales in the exact same mis-marriage situation. (“Mis-marriage” is Bonnie’s term for “mistake in wedding. ” Others often relate to these relationships utilizing the term “mixed wedding. ”)

I wanted to discuss this topic, and I wanted to do so from the straight wives’ perspective because I know countless gay men who were once married to straight women, with varying degrees of short and longer-term happiness and misery. Whom safer to talk with concerning this than Bonnie Kaye? Our conversation ended up being wide-ranging, you start with her very own wedding to a homosexual guy and progressing to exactly just how she surely could proceed post-marriage, sooner or later being a stone for any other ladies in comparable circumstances.

On this page, i’ve presented component certainly one of this conversation, the tale of Bonnie’s wedding and breakup. (suite…)