Gender, Sex and International Capitalism

Gender, Sex and International Capitalism

Project Director: Kimberly Kay Hoang, Sociology

2017-18 Activities

    Wednesday, February 28, 2018 Obfuscating Disreputable Ties: Taboo Relationships within the EconomyThis that is global panel examine the dwelling of change involving the frightened and profane. It will probably examine areas where actors handle disreputable exchange in taboo areas. To push the industry further the panel shall ask how will you we think of exchanges which are “legal” but socially disreputable? Just how do market actors obfuscate disreputable ties through extremely intimate and personal means like gift-giving?

Speakers: Gabriel Rossman, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Ca, l. A. « Moral responses into the Obfuscation of Disreputable Exchange: A Vignette Experiment on Baby-Selling »

Ashley Mears, Associate Professor of Sociology, Boston University « Obfuscating Exploitative Economies »

Kimberly Hoang, Assistant Professor of Sociology and also the university, University of Chicago « Risky Investments: types of Obfuscation in Frontier Markets » Wednesday, January 31, 2018 Hector Carrillo, « Pathways of Desire: The Sexual Migration of Mexican Gay Men »Professor Hector Carrillo (Sociology and Gender & Sexuality Studies, Northwestern University) talks about their current guide, Pathways of want.

Just how do migrants’ sexualities modification being outcome of the transnational moving? With Pathways of Desire, Hector Carrillo (Northwestern University) brings us to the life of Mexican homosexual males that have kept their house country to pursue greater intimate autonomy and sexual freedom in america. Carrillo brings about focus on the arc that is full of men’s migration experiences, from their upbringing in Mexican urban centers and towns, for their cross-border journeys, for their incorporation into metropolitan homosexual communities in US towns and cities, and their intimate and romantic relationships with American males. These men’s diverse and fascinating tales indicate the intertwining of intimate, financial, and familial motivations for migration.

Pathways of Desire examines the bidirectional, albeit uneven, procedures of trade between nations when you look at the international North as well as the global Southern. By considering sexuality-related improvement in the international South, it challenges the view that homosexual males from nations like Mexico would logically like to migrate to a “more sexually enlightened” country such as the usa. And, at most practical level, the guide shows how a intricacies of cross-cultural intimate and intimate relations may impact the intimate health insurance and HIV threat of transnational immigrant populations. Thursday, November 2, 2017 Queering Sexual CapitalismsThis panel conversation provides leading scholars all over nation together for the panel to talk about just exactly exactly just how sex, sexuality, and capitalism that is global different types of inequalities. The speakers covers a variety of areas from intercourse work and NAFTA to FIFA soccer and international money sites. The panel shall examine exactly how sex relations are implicated in international procedures and examine the dwelling between your sacred and profane. The panel will deal with these concerns: just how do we think of exchanges which are “legal” but socially disreputable? What’s the relationship between intimate economies and formal areas?

Panelists: Elena Shih, Assistant Professor of American Studies, Brown University Jennifer Tyburczy, Associate Professor of Feminist Studies, University of Ca Santa Barbara Ghassan Moussawi, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Gender and Women’s research, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Gregory C. Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender and sex Studies, Williams blonde porn star university

Late Liberalism Project

The focus with this task ended up being in the forces that produce governmental ideology and dream put on particular types: governmental people, like the country, along with corporeal people, evidenced in sex, sex, battle, indigenousness, caste, an such like. So what does it suggest to pull these forms apart through the desires which make individuals mounted on them? Just exactly just just What might we study from transitional principles such as the international while the transnational, or from non-individuality-based notions of justice and freedom?

This task had been more info on technologies of governmental type than « gender and sex » in its usual sensory faculties; yet sex and sex had been central to your tales, previous and future, which we constantly make an effort to comprehend and inform.

Lesbian & Gay Studies

Past Events

2016-2017 Series

This 12 months the LGBTQ Studies task is targeted on queer art as conceptual art that collects, disturbs and repairs our commonly held items of closeness and our objectives of critical argument. Enmeshing performance and theory, this current year’s visitors refuse the priority of abstract over affective perception, let’s assume that each is defined with, against, and inside of each and every other. In addition they don’t assume that review equals a refusal of pleasure or attachment, but a pastime inside them. During Winter ’17, Joshua Chambers-Letson will talk on « Nina Simone and also the work of Minoritarian Performance” (February 9) and E. Patrick Johnson will perform reflections on their projects on Southern gayness, Sweet Tea plus the Beekeeper: Performing Southern Ebony Women that Love ladies (January 12) permitting us into just exactly exactly exactly what it is choose to embody real time people of many different genders and intimate techniques in their translations of interviews into performance. Within the fall, Lily Hoang and Jackie Wang will likely to be reading from their autobiographical and poetic works, and owning a workshop on Monsters, Trauma, and Writing (October 27-28). Ann Cvetkovich may also lecture and run a writing workshop underneath the rubric, « composing as Archival Practice, ” (November 3).

Thursday, October 27 at 4:30pm Lily Hoang + Jackie Wang: researching and discussion CSGS – 5733 S University Ave, Community place

Friday, October 28 at 12:00pm Lily Hoang + Jackie Wang // Workshop: “Feeling away from area: Trauma Monsters and Magic” CSGS – 5733 S University Ave, First Floor Seminar place

Thursday, January 12 at 4:30pm E. Patrick Johnson, « The Beekeeper: Performing Ebony Southern ladies who Love Women » CSGS – 5733 S University Ave, Community place

Thursday, February 9 at 4:30pm Joshua Chambers-Letson, « Nina Simone while the work of Minoritarian Performance » CSGS – 5733 S University Ave, Community place

2015-16 Series: they have a Mouth to them

What are the results whenever performance, pleasure, and politics get together? Just how do they challenge and alter one another? What the results are to enjoyment whenever politics is within the room and what are the results to politics whenever comedy, upheaval, and looking minds converge? What exactly is relationship between awareness pleasure and raising stimulation?

This season, the Artists’ Salon as well as the LGBTQ research Project at Center for learn of Gender and sex with help through the Chicago Efficiency Lab and Infrastructures associated with the Comedic are sponsoring four occasions that cross-over comedy, witnessing, narrative, liveness, therefore the possibility that the modifications visual pleasure cause may have a memorable and positive effect.

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