In addition to the suspended Thomas and Diego Costa, therefore, Simeon could lose another important player.

A 1:00 to 2:00 terrible that could also become immediately tris, if not rescued De Rossi 30 ‘of Pasalic through on goal. But Atalanta is a fury and accomplice still Fazio in closing delay, closing the first half 3-1 thanks to a second goal Rigoni, served by Pasalic, good at stab at the near post Olsen. And in the stands the first meander discontent: chants against President James Pallotta and boos raining down on the Giallorossi. roma-atalanta-wochit moves Francis – The Roma there is.

And Francis jumps to 4-2-3-1 with the newcomers Nzonzi and Kluivert, respectively, in front of the defense and right of the battery midfielders behind striker Dzeko. The effect is positive, because the Giallorossi gain meters of field and force Gasp reinforce embankments with Hateboer and De Roon. No way. The anger of Rome produces the man goal that most embodies the spirit, that is Florenzi.

That 15 ‘penetrates the center a hundred per hour and fired a low shot to the left Gollini unstoppable. Match reopened and the field enters Toloi well to protect the goal ahead. The Inter penalty area at least is transformed into a huge pinball machine, with the ball splashing on one side and the other and with atalantini defenders who barely manage to ward off threats Giallorossi (Nzonzi Dzeko and dangerous). last quarter of an hour – Roma presses on the accelerator in the last 15 ‘, even without Florenzi released from sore field to the left knee and replaced by Schick.

The Nerazzurri mark in man and in all areas. But not enough. Nth assault, exploiting a marker of Shepherd, Manolas 37 ‘anticipates fray Toloi and returns in the parity Rome. A Rossini crescendo of rare intensity.

And Schick one minute after you stop at the climax of Gollini, with a providential rejected on foot without fail shot of the attacker. A whirlwind of emotions. And in the last minute Kluivert devours the chance of overtaking can: Chestnuts is critical in closing.

Alessio D’Urso

March 4, 2019 – Milan Filipe Luis and Mattia De Sciglio during the first leg. Getty is greatly at risk the presence of Filipe Luis in the return of the knockout stages of the Champions League against Juventus.

The Spanish full-back was replaced at the away game against Real Sociedad, 2-0 by colchoneros grace to two goals from Morata: The club statement speaks of a « soleus muscle injury in his left leg. » Still unknown the recovery time, but hardly Filipe Luis will be able to be on the field in the match of the Allianz Stadium, held in Turin in a week. In addition to the suspended Thomas and Diego Costa, therefore, Simeon could lose another important player. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Gasport

February 10, 2019 – Torino player celebrations of Turin. Ansa Taurus for Europe there. It ‘was the message to the league by the Grand Torino by men of Mazzarri (click here for the match report of the match): a header by Aina head gives three points to garnet, the third consecutive win at home after Empoli and Inter (a small record for the Toro), who now go up to 34 points and remain hooked to the European train. Udinese bites her hands for a penalty saved by Sirigu at De Paul.

Mazzarri (sent off for the fourth time this season) recrimination for a penalty not given to Iago at half-time, Nicola for Okaka scored at 90 ‘for the Lasagna offside. In the final eleven minutes of recovery expelled De Maio and cross Friulian about De Paul shooting.

Turin-Udinese 1-0, Mazzarri: « Victory deserved, but the matches are to be closed » Sirigu MUSSO AND TOP – Ready away, and the first scare is for fans of Taurus, just below the curve Marathon: after just five minutes a severe indecision ball at his feet in Pussetto Ji-ji gives the opportunity to be face to face with Sirigu. But the number one grenade is still one of the strongest in Serie A in the role: a cold, opposes an authentic miracle.

The race to be sluggish, especially Nicola asks its compactness, the start rather not like to Mazzarri on the bench invokes more attention and exits on the wings. The first attempt grenade, the Ansaldi (12 ‘) ends up on the boards. Slowly, though, I’ll be back on the field earns, Lukic starts the engine allowing you to raise the center of gravity, Ansaldi (back in natural role of outside left) starts to push, Iago tries to affect the race.

Belotti is fighting like a lion, but it does not lose the « vice » of the marathon, also reported on the eve of Mazzarri is more present in midfield that area. But when he happens the ball right on the corner kick taken by Lukic, a super Musso closes the door to his header (19 ‘).

On another header comes the grenade advantage a minute after the half hour, Ansaldi you drink twice Larsen, Aina (left alone by Nuytinck and Ekong that hinder each other) scores a headed his first goal since he plays in Italy . THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV PENALTY NOT ALLOWED – Uncorked, the game comes on. And the last quarter of an hour gave the main emotions of the first half. Sunk the advantage of Aina, Udinese responds with a De Paul punishment on which it is attentive Sirigu (34 ‘).

Six minutes later, in one of his incursions into the area of ​​set piece, Izzo went head advantage. Before Iago (41 ‘, stopped in angle), then Fofana (44’, torpedo on billboards) still touch the goal. With 46 ‘occurs the episode on which the Turin claim a penalty Belotti launches counterattack, downloading of Iago.

The Spaniard into the area, tries a cross but in his way he finds himself Larsen, in the fall, touches the ball with his right arm (confirmed feeling reviewing several times the action replay). In live, says Moretti Guide and Belotti: « For me it is nothing, » as is stated clearly by the cold. With the subsequent silent chek, the referee at Var Aureliano confirms the decision: no penalty for Toro, Mazzarri leaves the field interval shaking his head.

MAZZARRI OUT, PENALTY UDINESE – In the opening shot, Taurus wasting shot k.o .: Musso character of Iago launched by Berenguer (12 ‘). And while their Berenguer goes to kick the corner, the referee expels Guide Mazzarri, the fourth departure in season. They enter Baselli (for Lukic), Ingelson (for Fofana), Lasagna (for Pussetto). Two minutes before the half-hour, the Var grants Udinese rigor in direct Guide had not assigned.

Ji-ji spoke from behind Okaka, entering the first leg and then on the ball: Guide suffered blows to the corner, then goes to meet again the action to the Var and indicates the disk. From eleven meters De Paul becomes hypnotized by Sirigu. TWO GOALS IN OFFSIDE – In the final also serve Meité centimeters (entered in place of Berenguer) in a Toro is repositioned with 3-5-2. Seven minutes from the end, Lasagna insult Sirigu, but is clearly offside.

Turin-Udinese never seems to end. So in a minute left, Okaka freezes the people of Toro: Aina wrong step, and Okaka slips with a shot from distance Sirigu. But the Lasagna position offside, the striker blocks the view Sirigu, frustrates all: Help is still reviewing the episode to replays and does not validate, baptizing an offside position.

There is also the time for the expulsion of De Maio (53 ‘) and the thrill with De Paul, whose shot was deflected by Sirigu on the crossbar (54’). Eleven minutes of recovery before the final whistle past the fear, the Taurus people can celebrate. From our Network, Ola Aina: « The goal?

I dedicate it to my little brother, » From our Network, Belotti: « I’m in shape. The goal will come » From our Network, Sirigu: « Lasagna took away my vision » From our Network De Silvestri: « Let’s look on the bright side, clear victories are rare » tHE JOURNAL VIDEO TV From our correspondent Mario Pagliara © reproduction reserved write your comment 0      

January 14, 2019 – Milan Cristiana Capotondi, 1980. AFP class E ‘born on September 13, 1980, under the sign of Virgo. « And so they’re always looking for perfection, a nice effort … ». Cristiana Capotondi tells about herself looking carefully for the right word, « because the error I do not conceive it, for me it’s a pain. » Actress and sports executive vice president of the Pro League, to be exact, a role in which, of course, does not want to make any mistakes and so, you see, has studied and is working a lot. It is not a matter of name or face, Christian is serious, it takes so much of his own and a little more than two months since the election alongside Ghirelli, tells how his life has already drastically transformed. « Now my typical day of work for the League, between PC and phone, although at least 2-3 days a week I go to in Florence.

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